Women, Crime, and Law Syllabus

Women, Crime, and Law / Feminist Criminology  Professor: Danielle MacCartney, PhD   Email: dmaccartney12@webster.edu Twitter: @profdmac Blog: worldsocietyblog.wordpress.com Insta: daniellemaccartney     This course takes an interdisciplinary lens to analyze the role that gender plays in the law and in the criminal justice system. Topics include female offending, women and girls in the criminal justice … Continue reading Women, Crime, and Law Syllabus


Women’s Marches Around the Globe

Yesterday, millions took to the streets to march for women's rights, racial and economic justice, environmental rights, and more.   Comments from now US President Donald Trump that his celebrity entitled him to "Grab ’em by the pussy" inspired activists to organize a protest march following Trump's inauguration. The Intersections of Race, Class, Gender, Sexuality, Religion … Continue reading Women’s Marches Around the Globe

Racism and Xenophobia

The concept of “race” has been hotly debated at least as far back as World War II, when the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) began examining the concept. In general, race is used to refer to largely biological and genetic indicators, while ethnicity is used to refer to distinctive cultural patterns. However, … Continue reading Racism and Xenophobia