Icebreakers for an Effective First Day of Class

I can always tell on the first day of class whether it’ll be a winner or a dud. If the teacher makes a good impression, it’ll be great. If not, well … if it ain’t good, then it ain’t gonna get better (Student quoted in Friedrich and Cooper 1999, 287). Because so much housekeeping is … Continue reading Icebreakers for an Effective First Day of Class


Women, Crime, and Law Syllabus

Women, Crime, and Law / Feminist Criminology  Professor: Danielle MacCartney, PhD   Email: Twitter: @profdmac Blog: Insta: daniellemaccartney     This course takes an interdisciplinary lens to analyze the role that gender plays in the law and in the criminal justice system. Topics include female offending, women and girls in the criminal justice … Continue reading Women, Crime, and Law Syllabus

Global Social Problems Syllabus

SOCI 2375: Global Social Problems Catalog Description Provides an introduction to a wide range of social problems around the globe, such as homelessness, crime, and poverty, and how these social problems differ by race, class, and gender. Includes major sociological theoretical perspectives on social problems (such as functionalism, conflict, interactionism, and feminism). A comparative exploration … Continue reading Global Social Problems Syllabus